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Capoeira Agora was created with the aim to spread the Capoeira art form amongst the people of today. At our school we believe that there is a place for Capoeira in everyone's life.

Capoeira Agora remains in close touch with the schools around the world which are part of the Associação de Capoeira Senzala de Santos of greatly respected Mestre Sombra.

The school started regular classes in Central London in September 2008. For more information please go to the Classes page. For information on our membership, please go to the Membership page.

what's in it for you?

At Capoeira Agora you will learn the Brazilian art of Capoeira, including the movements and the music. You will keep fit while making new friends in a fun and relaxed environment. Your well-being, individual progress, and warm family-like atmosphere in the class is at our heart.

At Capoeira Agora, where we appreciate all we have today, we combine the traditional Capoeira with the current trends of keeping fit and healthy, while giving you the feeling of warm welcome and belonging.

At our class you will have an opportunity to meet people of all ages, with different fitness levels, from various ethnical and social backgrounds, speaking many different languages. At Capoeira Agora we are all equal, and we all enjoy Capoeira and communicate through this unique art.

our philosophy

  • Capoeira is for all, and everyone is welcome at Capoeira Agora.
  • We appreciate every minute of the time we have, because today you have it, tomorrow you don't. Capoeira Agora means Capoeira Now – we make the moment last and every moment count.
  • We want to bring Capoeira to hard working people of London, who do their best to balance work, fitness, well-being and their social life.
  • We are committed to introducing Capoeira to young generation and inspire them.

our capoeira teacher

All classes are taught by Formada Justyna.

Justyna was born in Poznan, Poland, where at the age of 6 started practising sport on a regular basis. At the age of 10, she joined a basketball section in Lech Poznan club, and later was transferred together with her coach and team to AZS Poznan club. She trained in the clubs for a total of 9 years and then played for her University's team.

Justyna studied at the University of Physical Education (AWF) in Poznan, where she received her Master's Degree, MA in Tourism. While still at the University she received a Tennis Instructor's qualifications, recognised by the Polish Tennis Federation.

During one of her trips to Brazil she saw Capoeira, which then became her greatest passion. In 2000, already living in London, she joined a UK based Capoeira school of Associação de Capoeira Senzala de Santos, Brazil. After just 1.5 years of her training, she took part in a Capoeira competition amongst three associated schools, and won the first prize.

Throughout the years of her training, Justyna participated in many Capoeira projects, festivals and workshops, led workshops herself, and was also involved with a Capoeira performing company, contributing to performances in the UK and abroad.

She's been teaching regular Capoeira classes since 2004.

In 2008, Formada Justyna set up her own school with a blessing from her Mastre, Grão Mestre Sombra. Her desire is to continue passing her Capoeira passion to others.

Below are just some of the projects she participated in.

  • Alegria, Capoeira Agora 2nd Festival, London 2012
  • Big Dance 2012 Festival in partnership with Free Film Festivals, London 2012
  • Corporate workshops, Canary Wharf, London 2011
  • Young Friends of Parks Summer Extravaganza, Southwark Park, London 2011
  • 9th Encontro Internacional de Capoeira Senzala de Santos, Barcelona, Spain 2011
  • The Time Is Now, Capoeira Agora 1st Festival, London 2011
  • Time to Get Moving, Islington, London 2010
  • International day, Hayes School, Bromley, London 2010
  • Capoeira Agora in Support of Sport Relief, London 2010
  • Trobada Capoeira, Festival d'art MaçArt, Maçanet de Cabrenys, Spain 2009
  • Camden Wellbeing & Healthy Living Fair, London 2009
  • Spirit Of The Dance Festival, Waltham Forest, London 2009
  • BWA's International Women's Day event, London 2009
  • The Big Conversation, Maritime Museum, London, 2007
  • Royal Gala at Hampton Court Palace, 2007
  • Capoeira Encounters, Brazilian Contemporary Arts, 2007
  • BBC Blue Peter's Book prize, London, 2007
  • Haworth Arts Festival, Haworth, 2007
  • Resistance and Remembrance, British Museum, London, 2007
  • Cancer Research Campaign, Chelsea Flower Show, London, 2007
  • Freedom Dance, Maritime Museum, London, 2007
  • Dream School Project, Creative Partnership West, Wembley, London, 2007
  • World's Dance Day, Preston, 2006
  • Dance in Herts workshop, Hitchin, 2006
  • International Days Festival, Hertfordshire, 2006
  • Hot House Festival, Civic Theatre, Doncaster, 2006
  • Brazilian Cultural Days, Pharos Trust/Brazilian Embassy, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2005
  • Capoeira workshops, The Place, Telford, 2005



If you would like to find out more about Formada Justyna's work or discuss a future project, classes or workshops, please email

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Formada Justyna

Formada Justyna

Formada Justyna with her master, Mestre Sombra

Formada Justyna with her master, Mestre Sombra

Capoeira movement performed by Formada Justyna Au batendo performed by Formada Justyna Formada Justyna doing queda de rim