My personal research about Capoeira, led me over the years to some fascinating archived materials from around the world.

I've found some great old footage of the dance fight called Ag'ya that reminded me very much of Capoeira. Even more fascinating was the fact that it was it was filmed in 1930s and 1940, so at the time when the first Capoeira Academies were created in Brazil.

It was filmed by Katherine Dunham. Previously I have never heard of that lady and when I researched about her, I discovered that she was a very talented lady who contributed greatly to the art of dance - a legendary dancer, choreographer and anthropologist, called the "Matriarch of Black Dance".

Below some extracts from the video interview with Katherine Dunham on the fight dance Ag'ya and footage of Ag'Ya fight from Katherine Dunham Dance Company's archives.


To read more about Katherine Dunham work, visit http://www.kdcah.org/katherine-dunham-biography/

–Formada Justyna Jázefiak

Extracts from interview with Katherine Dunham on "L'Ag'Ya".

From the archives - Ag'Ya fight.

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