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Our Monday classes (90 min) are open to visitors with Capoeira experience on drop-in basis at £12 per class. If possible, please advise us about your planned drop-in visit on +7977 151 362.

Next class: 27th May
No classes on Bank Holiday weekends.

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St John's Church, Saint John's Vale, St. Johns, London SE8 4EA

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St.Johns, Lewisham (British Rail), Elverson Road (DLR)

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about the capoeira lessons on mondays lewisham london

During our regular Monday Capoeira classes we focus on Capoeira movements and the jogo (game).

We run a parallel beginners’ workshop, therefore you will sometime be asked to work with a newcomer;  most of the time however, you will train with other members, who are about your level, and work on your personal weaknesses.

Capoeira requires lots of work on the basics. Capoeirista work on them not only when on beginners’ level, but also on all the next levels. The more solid basics you have, the stronger your body gets, the better game you have. Stretching and working on flexibility never stops either.

If you get for example to a stretching level which you will be satisfied with, you have to continue doing those exercises, as otherwise your level will drop. The same goes to stamina, agility, flexibility. There is also always a room for improvement.

At Capoeira Agora we work as a group, but we recognise that everyone is different. Every student has their individual strength and weaknesses. During your training you will make your strengths stronger and you will work on your weaknesses. You will have lots of encouragement during your Capoeira lessons and reminders that Capoeira can be learn by everyone who wants to learn and you just have to be patient.

What you learn during the training, you will often practise in a jogo de Capoeira, whether with other students or with your teacher.

Music is a very important part of the training and you will learn and practise on regular basis to play the traditional Brazilian Capoeira instruments and sing chulas and corridos, cantos de entrada and ladainhas (various types of songs sung in Capoeira).


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If you have any further questions about our classes please email or call on 07977 151 362.

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