capoeira agora members' competition: january 2014

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Comendo farinha, olhando pra gente

This competition is now closed.

The competition is open to all Capoeira Agora members who train regularly.

Please see the competitions' rules and conditions which must be met to claim the prize.

Competition question

Why shouldn't you skip your meal after our Capoeira class and which two groups of food should you include in your post-workout meal? Give two (good for your body!) examples of food from each of those two groups.

Bonus question:
Which Capoeira song does the title of this month competition come from?

Closing date

29th January 2014


An additional to your regular training Capoeira Agora 90 minutes class of your choice in February to be used by the end of February. See full rules and conditions below.


To find the answer to the main questions refer to our blog. For the bonus question check your song sheets.

Rules and conditions:

  • To be considered for the prize draw:
    • the answers must be emailed to before the closing date (please email with the 'January 2014 competition' in the subject line)
    • you must be a Capoeira Agora member with a valid membership at least till the end of the competition prize month (February)
    • you must be regularly training and take part in at least four classes in both (competition and the prize) months.
  • The winner will be chosen randomly in the draw in the class on 30th Jan 2014.
  • The prize is for the Capoeira Agora member in addition to their current training and cannot be deducted from any other classes, passes or workshops payments.
  • The prize is non-transferable to another month or another person – it is for the winner to encourage additional training.
  • For holders of our monthly pass, the class can be used within two weeks after your pass expires.
  • Competition closing date: 29th January 2014.

Our passes and membership can be purchased with your credit or debit card via our online shop without any additional fees. For our cancellation policy please refer to our Legal page.

For more information on upcoming classes and events or if you have any other queries, please contact Capoeira Agora via email, phone or post and we will get back to you soon.



If you have any further questions about our classes please email or call on 07977 151 362.

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