what is capoeira?

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial arts/dance, a great way of keeping fit, slim, healthy and making new friends.

Learning Capoeira involves learnig the moves, the traditional elements of Capoeira, its history, to play instruments, to sing in Portuguese.

Find out more about Capoeira – the game, the movements, the music.

capoeira for beginners
london south bank and lewisham

Start your Capoeira journey with us by learning basic movements, music and sequences.

Beginners' drop-in:
Mondays 19:00-20:00 and Wednesdays 19:45-20:45

New beginners' courses start 2nd Mar & 4th Mar. Enrol via our online shop

About our beginners courses

capoeira for children and parents (optional) thursdays southwark

Be a great role model for your young one and lead them in learning the sport while having fun and meeting new friends.

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Capoeira Agora in Regents Park July 2013

learn capoeira with us

Capoeira Agora started regular classes in Central London in September 2008.

Our lessons take place four times a week in venues north and south of the River Thames. Beginners' courses start at the beginning of each month.

Our classes are about learning and getting better at Capoeira, but most of all, about good energy and having fun.

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Capoeira Agora 'live sculpture' May 2013

capoeira at your school or office

We offer workshops and performances in schools and offices around London and the UK.

Capoeira brings people together, helps to stay fit, slim, keep your exercise routine, while makeing new friends and learning music, foreign language.

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Capoeira Agora music class with Mestre Sombra, 2012

capoeira history

African people were brought to Brazil during the years of transatlantic slave trade. Those who survived the journey were separated from the loved ones upon reaching the Brazilian coast...

Through fusion of traditions and rituals and desire to free themselves, Capoeira was born.

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