beginners’ courses: mondays

where & when

Capoeira Agora beginners classes are held on:

  • Mondays: 19:00-20:00 at the St John's Church (upstairs), Saint John's Vale, London SE8 4EA;
  • Wednesdays: 19:45–20:45 at the the Bankside Health Club, Unit 11a, Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street, SE1 0SU London;

The above classes are also open to those who have already done the beginners' courses.

general info

  • Capoeira Agora beginners’ classes (duration: 60 minutes) run on course system basis, which offers better value for money (£28 for 4 classes). Drop-in sessions are available on Mondays and Wednesdays at £10 (conc.: £8.50)
  • Beginners, who would like to try Capoeira, and those, who have done Capoeira before and would like to join in and/or try our style first, are welcome to participate in up to two courses in a year before joining as a member.
  • You are also welcome to watch our beginners’ classes before enrolling on our Capoeira course.

Please note:
Single classes & flexible passes are available to our members, which beginners can purchase after completing their course.

Visitors from other schools with some Capoeira experience are welcome to join a single regular class (60 minut session) at £10.

how to start

To start learning Capoeira with us, simply book our beginners’ course and come on the day. You will just need long loose trousers (no shorts please) and a t-shirt; Capoeira/martial arts shoes are optional (no trainers).

Please see the upcoming capoeira beginners’ courses’ dates and prices below. Switch between the tabs to see a particular day detalils and links to more information about the courses.

how to book

For details on how to secure a place on our beginner’ course and various booking options, please visit our bookings’ page.

upcoming capoeira beginners’ courses

  Cat No* Start End Weeks Price

* Please use course Cat no, if enquiring about a particular course.

St.John's Church,
(upstairs), St.Johns 19:00-20:00
1101 3rd Feb 24th Feb 4 £32
1102 2nd Mar 23rd Mar 4 £32
1103 30th Mar 27th Apr 4 £32

monday capoeira beginners’ courses

Monday Capoeira lesson is a good way to start your week. First week might be hard, but by the end of the course you will find yourself getting used to the rhythm.

Your first class will start with a long warm up and a basic Capoeira step 'ginga', to give you good foundation for the course.

Read more about our Monday beginners' courses Buy our next Monday Capoeira beginners' course online

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If you have any further questions about our classes please email or call on 07977 151 362.

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