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Monday beginners' classes (60 min) are also open on drop-in basis to Capoeira beginners at £10 (Under 22: £8.50)


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St.John's Church,
(upstairs), St.Johns 19:00-20:00
1101 3rd Feb 24th Feb 4 £32
1102 2nd Mar 23rd Mar 4 £32
1103 30th Mar 27th Apr 4 £32


St John's Church, Saint John's Vale, St. Johns, London SE8 4EA

Nearest stations:
St.Johns, Lewisham (British Rail), Elverson Road (DLR)

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about the beginners' lessons on mondays lewisham london

Monday Capoeira lesson is a good way to start your week. First week might be hard, but by the end of the course you will find yourself getting used to the rhythm.

Your first class will start with a long warm up and a basic Capoeira step 'ginga', to give you good foundation for the course.

Throughout your training we will work on some basic Capoeira movements. You will practise them individually and in pairs. You will have a go at some acrobatics, but don’t expect to do backflips by the end of the course. Capoeira is very complex and your body, as well as your mind, has a lot to take on. It is not just a physical exercise, it’s an art and a philosophy with rich and hardly documented history.

You will also try what you have learnt in a roda (playing a Capoeira game).

Music is a very important part of the training. You will learn to play basic traditional Brazilian instruments, such as agô-gô and reco-reco and to sing some Capoeira chulas and corridos (songs). With this, you will also touch on Brazilian Portuguese language.

Our Monday classes are structured to introduce you to Capoeira and encourage you to study and train more.

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Focus during the course is on beginners, but the classes are open to our members, so throughout your training you will also see our regular students training according to their level. We will all make you very welcome and soon you will feel like a part of the group.

If you enrol on your second beginners’ course, you will continue with what you have been learning, practising the basics and moving on to more advanced movements and sequences.


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If you have any further questions about our classes please email or call on 07977 151 362.

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