saturday capoeira classes for kids age 5+ and their parents/careres (optional)

Next class: Please note that this class will be moved to another day/time from September. Please come back and book at later date.


  What Cat No Start-End Weeks Price
Saturdays 15:00-16:00
John Marshall Hall
Winter term child CAYPT 19th Jan - 30th Mar
Please note: no class on 16th Feb
10 weeks*
*We reserve the right to cancel 1 class during the term due to unforeseen circumstances.
Winter term parent & child CAPCT 19th Jan - 30th Mar
Please note: no classes on 16th Feb
10 weeks*
*We reserve the right to cancel 1 class during the term due to unforeseen circumstances.
Drop-in child CAYPS any Saturday single 60 mins class £9
Drop-in parent & child CAPCS any Saturday single 60 mins class £15
Child annual membership and insurance £15
Child Capoeira Agora uniform £40
Parent & child annual membership and insurance £30
Set of two Capoeira Agora uniforms (for a parent and a child) £75
Adult Capoeira Agora uniform £42


John Marshall Hall, Christ Church, 27 Blackfriars Rd, London SE1 8NY

Nearest tube stations:
Waterloo, Southwark

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Map showing how to get to the Capoeira Agora classes in the Christ Church from the Waterloo and Southwark underground stations


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about the capoeira lessons in waterloo london

saturdays' children capoeira passes

Saturday pass (£28) gives a student access to four Saturday classes and is valid for six consecutive weeks counting from the first class. Children can start any Saturday, providing they have been registered and the passes were purchased beforehand.

Our term passes give better value classes (£55 - we offer a minimum of 10 classes per term, subject to space availability). Children's lessons are also available on the drop-in bases (£8 per class).

For details on how to buy Capoeira Agora passes and for the registration form, please visit our bookings page.

Dear parents, please note, that students who come late for their first class, and would like to pay by cash on the day, as well as latecomers who would like to do a single class, might not be able to join the lesson.

what will your child learn

Children will start learning with the basic Capoeira step ginga moving on to other basic movements, practising them individually, in sequences and in the roda.

Gradually, progressing through the training, children will move on to more advance kicks, cartwheels, handstands, etc.

Music is a very important part of the training. Children will learn to play basic traditional Brazilian instruments, such as agô-gô, reco-reco and pandeiro and to sing some Capoeira chulas and corridos (songs).

regular training & membership

After completing the first 4 classes, children who would like to train regularly, would require annual membership/insurance (£15).

Uniform (£40) will be required after completing two passes/8 classes.

We look forward to seeing your children in the class.

Please note:
Our Saturday lessons are scheduled to take place every week throughout the year, however if Capoeira Agora projects overlap with the Saturday classes or the space is unavailable, the class might need to be cancelled.

The days on which our Saturday lesson will not take place, will be clearly stated on this page and on our noticeboard. Students will be also informed well in advance. The pass flexibility takes into account, if one class is cancelled by Capoeira Agora, therefore no extension will be added to the pass. If however two or more classes will be rescheduled by Capoeira Agora, extension will be granted accordingly. For details on all cancellation and extensions, please refer to our Legal page.



If you have any further questions about our classes please email or call on 07977 151 362.

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